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Brevi compilationi per weekend: Gardens&Villa, Dum Dum Girls, We are enfant terrible, Wu Lyf


dischi 6-11

Brevi Compilationi per Weekend
(Chi, Da dove, Album, Traccia)

1) Gardens&Villa, Santa Barbara, Gardens&Villa, Black Hills

2) Dum Dum Girls, Los Angeles, Only Dreams, Bedroom Eyes

3) We are enfant terrible, Paris, Explicit Pictures, Filthy Love

4) Wu Lyf, Manchester, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, We Bros

Altre Brevi Compilationi per Weekend

30-10: Justice, Yuck, Little Dragon, Jonathan Wilson
23-10: The Rapture, Lily Wood&The Prick, Fruits Bats, The heart and the head
15-10: Feist, dEUS, The Drums, Bombay Bicycle Club

compilationiindie fa media

TuttoFaMedia • novembre 6

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  1. utente anonimo novembre 10 - 14:37

    Sei il mio compilatore preferito, te lo dico.


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